translated from Spanish: They expect justice to be done for Alessandro’s murder.

Mexico City.- Relatives expect justice to be done for the murder of 14-year-old Alessandro, whose body was moved by two other teenagers inside a suitcase through the streets of Colonia Guerrero in Mexico City.Alessandro’s father, Aldo said it’s comforting to believe that his son’s murder shakes enough to put the letters on the table on how to contain all the violence against minors He said yesterday when he buried his son’s body and now trusts the authorities to do justice.
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As soon as I have relevant information, I’ll share it. I trust justice is going to be done. Justice is going to be done and very, very soon it’s going to be done

Aldo mentioned when entering the Pantheon of San Isidro, in the Mayor of Azcapozalco, according to REFORMA. In addition to thanking those who have supported them, he adds that the people who kidnapped his son on a motorcycle were not known to him, unlike some versions that had been handled about it.
We don’t know the people on the bike. What some people have said is not like that. I don’t want to give any more details because I trust the authorities to do their job

The funeral procession took place yesterday and departed shortly before 11:00 hours of the home where Alessandro’s body was sailing in the colony November 20 in the Mayor of Venustiano Carranza.They were five vehicles that formed a caravan headed by the funeral van. In the middle, a pick up carrying two crosses and a crown made with white flowers. Alessandro was buried in the adult area, where only ten relatives, most dressed in white, could be present.
This is very strong. The real authorities are doing their job, he could only do his job. To all young people who fight for their dreams and follow their ways.

Alessandro’s father said.
Let this be the drop that spilled the glass to put letters on this kind of subject. Thank you very much for being attentive to this pain that has been very, very strong

Aldo added when he left the field.

Original source in Spanish

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