translated from Spanish: [VIRAL] “2020 LPQTP” the wine specially christened to dismiss this year that remittances the nets

Undoubtedly this year 2020 surprised everyone, not only did global warming, fires, storms and various events replace the world, but a pandemic and all its consequences, social and economic, shook us like nothing had in the register of many generations. And this was the spirit with which a winery in Mendoza, Argentina, christened its new product, which has gone viral internationally. This is the wine “2020 LPQTP”. The lyrics are acronyms for a very common insult on the other side of the mountain range, but it is not difficult to understand in this and other latitudes of Latin America.A launch video went viral in WhatsApp groups and social networks. It gradually discovers the bottle, in the foreground, as a voiceover says: “A special and different year deserves to be fired in a special and different way. 2020, the… that gave birth to you.” Now, as if that were not enough, the marketers of the already famous wine rejected in Argentine media that the renowned insult was the literal meaning of the letters that appear on the label, and noted that it is actually the phrase “Cute Period What Pletóric Times”, always in a humorous tone. They recognized that the video was part of the campaign, but they didn’t explain how it was supposed to leak. But it’s not all honey on flakes, despite the success of the campaign, which certainly achieved its mission to position the new product, it also received bad reviews, especially from feminist sectors, questioning the fact of giving female gender to the insult.

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