translated from Spanish: AARFS keeps open record of new-income partner applications

AARFS INFORMATIVE NEWSLETTER, A.C.Se informs agricultural producers that AARFS A.C. has opened the registration of receipt of applications from new-income partners, inviting interested parties to approach the Department of Agricultural Strategies and/or contact (668) 812-4396 for more information.
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• AARFS A.C., through its wheat seed breeding program in the Carrizo Valley, makes available to all its producers partners panifiable wheat seed variety Norman F2008 and Glenn F2018 Certified by SNICS and produced under the standard NOM-001-FITO-2001 (Senasica). The results of this programme have reflected quality seed produced under strict agronomic management throughout the agricultural cycle, with special attention to the timely control of partial coal (Tilletia indica) through preventive applications of fungicides, as well as the eradication of weeds from production fields, such as wild oats (Oats fatua), among others, with the main objective of offering the farmer greater security in its production. For more information, please contact (668) 812-3349, to our Sales area.• The FDA recently informed all exporters of vegetables and fruits that they have a Packing Register with this U.S. unit that biannual renewal is necessary, which must be done in the last three months of each even year, so such renewal must take place this 2020 (even year) during the period of October to October 31. It is important to note that in 2018 the FDA typified which agricultural companies are required to have a registration, such as those that pack products that do not produce themselves or produce less than 50 percent of what they pack, otherwise companies that do not require this FDA registration are those that only pack their production, and it is necessary to cancel their registration. Skipping such cancellation and letting the renewal time expire could result in difficulties at the time of crossing the border. To submit the renewal and/or cancellation of registration, the information on your FDA account on the website: and give notice to your customs agent.• According to advances in planting vegetables within the jurisdiction of AARFS A.C., as of November 15, 2020, 2,678 hectares have been established, of which 82% is an open field and the rest under protected agriculture. It will be in the coming weeks when the cuts of the various legumes begin to generalize, among which are sweet maize with 748 hectares, chiles, 583; zucchini, 539; tomato, 410; 139, and watermelon, 122.• At this start of the season, AARFS A.C. makes available to its partner producers various agricultural equipment such as precision sowers for minimum tillage, heavy type fertiliser, sprinkler, strip till and stripper, which integrate the Specialized Machinery Center of this Farmers Association, as part of the promotion of alternative methods of crop production to reduce time and costs in the preparation of land, better conserve soils, among other benefits. For more information, please contact the Department of Agricultural Strategies at number (668) 812-4396, where your request will gladly be addressed.• This week, the USDA released its Monthly Supply and Demand Report (Wasde), in which it announced a reduction in U.S. maize production by -5.46 million tonnes and an increase of +8.25 million/T, consequently, as demand increased and supply declined, a decrease in its final inventories of -11.81 million/T was reflected, which would be the lowest since the 2013/14 cycle. As a result of this report, in addition to the euphoria caused by the prospect of pfizer’s vaccine being able to control the COVID-19 pandemic, an upward trend in international grain prices was observed. The future July/21 contract closed this week in 167.$81, if we consider the bases to be the same as last year of $32 USD, and considering the current FIX exchange rate of $20.48, is a producer price of MXN$4,092 per tonne.

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