translated from Spanish: Social Distance: tips for those put together with friends and family by a specialist

Daniel Pryluka, an infectologist and member of the Argentine Society of Infectology and head of infectology at Velez Sarfield Hospital, and in an interview with the Big Bang News site, mentioned the necessary collections in this new stage of the pandemic. While there are now more openings in terms of social gatherings, prevention and care must continue to be implemented as the first day, because coronavirus continues to circulate and spread. Measures and recommendations for meetings with friends and family reunions:
Infectologist Daniel Pryluka explained that the main thing and what needs to be most attentive is that the guests stay as far away as possible and with the beard on all the time.” I’ve been watching three or four friends gather at a brewery, but they keep chatting after lunch without the beard. I can hang out with someone for coffee, I take it, and I have to put it back on the hub, obviously eating and drinking with the beard is impossible, but it’s just that time,” he said. The professional also argued that the best option for meetings is to do them outdoors; on large balconies, terraces or in a park, but if you are in a closed place, you should be careful to always keep the windows wide open. The main recommendation is that the meetings are not with more than 10 people. From using the bath towel to how to serve food
Pryluka mentioned to the site that it is best for a single person to bring the dishes closer to each of the guests, and to avoid trays in common. “You have to be careful not to prick with the dirty fork, you can not mix cutlery. Ideally, a person would serve everyone,” he said. Similarly, when it comes to hand washing, the professional clarified that it must be done in a manner followed, and that the risk is not so much for sharing the same towel (which is usually in the bathroom and is used by everyone who enters), since people dry up once the washing is done.” Disposable paper is better than towel, but touch the towel when you washed your hands, so with the coronavirus, which kills the soap, that wouldn’t be a problem. Still, if I can put paper is much better, in fact in health institutions many years ago there is no cloth towel, but it does not work if it is badly put and the one that dries ends up touching everything,” he argued. As for how long the encounter should last, Pryluka said it is proven that if one is in contact with an infected person for a few minutes, and has all the security measures, contagion is unlikely, although if one remains next to a patient for an entire night, the risk becomes higher. When meetings cannot take place outdoors for different reasons, the infectologist stressed that the use of air conditioning can be good, as long as it is an air-recycling apparatus.” If the air recycles the environment, that’s good, because it draws polluted air, and clean air comes in, today many have that renovation. But if everyone in the office vents with the same air, and reuses it and there’s a sick person, it’s no good,” he said. With regard to standing fans, recirculates contaminated air, ceiling air too, so if it’s a hot day like Christmas or New Year’s, it’s good to use it with the windows open, so that the air comes down and out the window,” he said lastly.

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