translated from Spanish: Without IFE, how to enroll in the Empower Work Plan?

This week, news broke that the Argentine government terminated the Emergency Family Income that gave much of society 10,000 pesos per month to help with the coronavirus pandemic. However, although this aid will not continue, the government decided to turn these funds to the Empower Work and Empower Youth Inclusion plan. In addition, the increase to the Feed Card was announced with greater coverage for those who charge universal child assignment.” The state doesn’t run. The Emergency Family Income has covered just over 9 million Argentines. One party has managed to reintegrate into work, while another is not and that is where we will work hard to sustain them in the face of this situation, so that it is the State that accompanies their re-entry into the world of work,” explained The Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo.
The Empower Youth and Youth Inclusion plan will seek to absorb young people between the age of 18 and 29 and aims to improve the employability and generation of new productive proposals when the educational stage ends, help with job training and skills certification. Requirements
1) If you are participating in Socio-Productive, Socio-Community and/or Socio-Labor Projects:
Integrate a working group into a Management Unit or An Associated Management Unit in which you carry out one of the following activities: care, recycling and environmental services, construction, social infrastructure and barrial and housing improvement, family farming and food production, apparel production and other manufacturing, and popular trade.
Perform activities for an average of 80 hours per month.
Accredit the fulfillment of the activities.

2) If you are in the Educational Terminality mode (completion of primary and secondary studies):
Prove that you are studying with the presentation in ANSES of the Educational Terminality Form (FOTE), certified by the corresponding educational authority. 

And, the plan, Empower Young Inclusion, encompasses 18- to 29-year-olds who will receive community networks and economic stimulus. This program proposes an economic stimulus for each young person who participates in the program and the financing of projects of the most varied themes that they promote, over the twelve months.
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