translated from Spanish: Exhibition «Embroidering her own firmament» the art of astronomer María Teresa Ruiz online

Exhibition «Embroidering his own firmament» the art of astronomer María Teresa Ruiz

The exhibition «Bordando su propiomento», which has the collaboration of Museo Baburizza and Valparaíso Creativo, is part of the 2020 Science Festival promoted by the Valparaiso Explora Pair.
The activity seeks to deepen the artistic facet of the director of the Center of Excellence in CATA Astrophysics, starting with her area of expertise, with a special emphasis on her history with embroidery. «I’ve always had a dichotomy between the artistic and scientific part, even at some point, I didn’t know which one to dedicate myself to, I chose science, but the artistic vein was there. With art I have been expressing my affections and feelings in the intimate sphere. I am surprised and honored that there are really professional people who now want to show them in a gallery. It’s really a sense of a society premiere of these tapes tapestics that have accompanied me around the world for almost 50 years,» said Princeton’s Ph.D. in Astrophysics
Mauricio Cifuentes, General Coordinator of Valparaíso Creativo states: «Since the Programme we have prepared this unreleased virtual exhibition of the textile work of María Teresa Ruíz. We think it’s a very interesting job, especially in knowledge tourism. A great scientist who has devoted much to science, but linked to the creative economy through arpillery. We want to surprise people and continue with this kind of finding in the Region.»
Pitti Palacios, who, through a personal investigation, came to contact her. «It’s one of my dreams as a textile designer,» she clarified. «Maria Teresa’s work is part of her personal life, something she has developed in parallel with her career as an astronomer. (…) We forged his textile history and accessed their homes (in Santiago and the coastal area of the Valparaiso region) to record the virtual tour of his work with patchwork and embroidery, focused on family portraits and landscapes», he recounts about the exhibition.
The virtual gallery will be available on the website and, and can be explored completely free of charge.
Rafael Torres, Director of the Baburizza Museum, noted that «without a doubt, the exhibition we present is a find in all its dimensions, a work of many years, saved and surpassed by the public action of the author. We are happy to show this facet of an extraordinary Chilean scientific woman and artist.»
FECI 2020 has a large programmatic grill with free events and online for all audiences. This instance is designed by the Science and Society Division of the Ministry of Science, with the purpose of celebrating curiosity and its positive influence on our lives.
It should be noted that Museo Baburizza and Valparaíso Creativo, are two of the 50 institutions that will be part of FECI, coordinated by Explora Valparaíso. Museums, cultural centers, and universities, among others, will be having their activities online: guided tours, workshops, audiovisual capsules and more.
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