translated from Spanish: Argentina leads latin American rankings at English level

EF Index Proficiency Index is one of the world’s largest companies linked to the development of university students in the world, with a boost in exchange to different nations to drive the second languages. In this case, he analyzed the use of English with very favorable results for Argentina.In it, where the level of English is analyzed, it is placed as a leader of the language to the Netherlands with a score of 652. Behind it is followed by all the countries of the Scandinavian region composed of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, descting above the pious that do not have such a language as a mother. As for the Latin American landscape, the study found that Argentina leads the ranking with a score of 566, equivalent to a B2 (upper intermediate) level, and is the only country in the region in this category. Among other major highlights are Uruguay and Bolivia that have improved their outcome against previous years. Within the country, EF highlights the English prof dominion shown by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires with a score of 596, making a notable difference and placing itself above countries such as Switzerland, Czech Republic and Greece. However, it is not the only featured region. Santa Fe, Córdoba and Mendoza are placed at a level of high capacity and dominance. In addition, the 2020 report highlighted the provinces of Tucumán and Corrientes, which significantly improved their level compared to the previous year; and the cities of Mar del Plata, La Plata and Rosario remain the most advanced in English.” Argentina has implemented different initiatives and laws to improve the teaching of
languages in schools. To achieve these objectives, a system of training language teachers in communication methodologies has been developed, highlighted Giorgio Iemmolo, Director of Academic Development.” Investment in teacher professional development will improve English professing for full generations of students,” said one of those tasked with revealing this year-round report and in the participation of more than 2.2 million people analyzed.

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