translated from Spanish: The world’s covid contagions exceed 55 million

The number of contagions worldwide from the Sar-CoV-2 virus is 55 million on Tuesday, while the number of deaths exceeds 1.3 million, according to data from Johns Hopkins University of Medicine (JHU).
The figures put the total number of contagions at 55,033,418, with the United States at the forefront of 11.2 million affected by covid-19.
As for the deaths, 1,327,500 are dated and, in this case, Americans also go to the lead with 247,220 deaths.
Among the countries most affected by contagion, after the US, are India, with 8.8 million; Brazil, with 5.8; France, above 2 million; Russia, with 1.9 and Spain with 1.4 million.
There are already five other countries that exceed one million affected countries: the United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, Colombia and Mexico, while Peru has already passed 900,000 cases.
In deaths, after the U.S., the most affected country is Brazil with 166,014; followed by India with 130,519; Mexico, with 98,861 and the United Kingdom, with 52,240 deaths.
Italy follows this list with 45,733 deces; France, with 45,122; Iran, with 41,979; Spain with 41,253 and Argentina, with 35,727, according to the JHU.

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