translated from Spanish: Covid-19 contagions in Sinaloa, today, November 18

Culiacán.- The Ministry of Health recorded in the last 24 hours in Sinaloa 81 new patients of Covid-19 and 8 deaths from the disease, giving a cumulative total of 22 thousand 976 confirmed cases and 3 thousand 779 deaths from the coronavirus in the entity. For his part, Víctor Hugo Sánchez Malof, Undersecretary of Sinaloa Health Care, detailed that the 81 new cases of coronavirus are distributed as follows: Culiacán 47, Guasave 15, Ahome 12, Sinaloa 3, Mazatlan 2 and El Fuerte 2. Sinaloa is seeing a slight increase from 345 to 356 active cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday.
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Also, during this Wednesday, 8 new deaths from covid-19 disease were recorded on the Platform of the Ministry of Health reporting Culiacán 5 and Mazatlan 3. Regarding these, the Ministry of Health details that there are 4 men and 4 women aged 15 to 76 years, who when entering hospital services had diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. This report records the death of a 15-year-old girl on September 13 by Covid-19 at the Issste hospital in Culiacán, the Ministry of Health noted hypertension and emphysema as comorability. Similarly during the Covid-19 day on Wednesday, suspicious cases were recorded in Ahome, El Fuerte, Culiacán, Escuinapa, Guasave, Mazatlan, Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa, Navolato, Angostura, Rosario, Mocorito, Choix, Badiraguato, San Ignacio, Cosalá. Concordia and Elota, leaving a cumulative of 1,173 concentrates mainly in Culiacán, Ahome and Guasave with 716, 114, 108 suspected cases respectively. It should be noted that, 265 days after the start of the pandemic, the number of patients recovered has reached 18 thousand 841 in Sinaloa, 62 new highs in the last 24 hours. The Ministry of Health reported that 33.2 per cent of active covid-19 patients in Sinaloa are hospitalized, and 1.9 per cent of all patients are reported in severity.

Covid-19 case update in Sinaloa as of November 18

Active patients by municipality
Culiacán: 214
Guasave: 59
Ahome: 36
Mazatlan: 26
Navolate: 5
Sinaloa: 4
Rosario: 3
Choix: 2
Salvador Alvarado: 2
The Fort: 2
Scinpa: 1
Badiraguato: 1
Cosala: 1
Mocorito: 0
Narrowness: 0
Elota: 0
Concordia: 0
St. Ignatius: 0

Total recoveries: 18,841
7700 Culiacán
3379 Mazatlan
2661 Guasave
2359 Ahome
654 Salvador Alvarado
555 Navolate
274 Sinaloa
257 Escuinapa
231 Angostura
214 The Fort
122 Badiraguato
117 Rosario
82 Mocorito
64 Cosala
55 Choix
42 Elota
38 Concordia
37 St Ignatius

Total deaths: 3779
1371 Culiacan
707 Ahome
596 Mazatlan
445 Guasave
139 Salvador Alvarado
132 Navolate
79 The Fort
76 Angostura
56 Escuinapa
44 Sinaloa
37 Mocorito
25 Rosario
19 Concordia
15 Badiraguato
14 Elota
12 St. Ignatius
8 Choix
4 Cosala

Suspected cases: 1,173
716 Culiacán
114 Ahome
108 Guasave
104 Mazatlan
34 Navolate
16 Salvador Alvarado
14 The Fort
10 Angostura
9 Sinaloa
8 Rosario
8 Badiraguato
7 Mocorito
6 Choix
6 Escuinapa
4 Elota
4 St. Ignatius
2 Cosala
3 Concordia

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