translated from Spanish: The central sector of Los Mochis follow the problems with garbage

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- A few months ago, the mayor of Ahome, Manuel Guillermo Chapman Moreno, made the decision to change garbage collection company: before it was PASA and now it is OP Ecology.With this change, the Ahomenses believed that the service would improve, but what a surprise they have taken, because months after having taken control of this service, they say that the reality is that they do not yet give the width and many sectors of the city of Los Mochis look dirty, such is the case of the city.
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Serious problem
Gerardo, a neighbor of this sector, assured that they continually have problems with garbage trucks and that is that he ensured that they do not spend the days that touch them, or they pass at the time they want and while that happens, the dogs make their own by throwing the suckling pig everywhere.

“We thought, because the truth is that we thought things were going to be better, we thought the garbage service was going to be better, but we realize that’s not the case. So far we don’t see where the improvement is because we continue with the same problem, the truck passes at the time it wants and while the animals make their own, one has to hang out with the garbage,” he said.

In some sections of the central colony there is no sidewalk, which poses a risk to pedestrians. Photo: Freedom Montoya/Debate

Similarly, he commented that there were several points in that colony with public lighting problems, so he asked the responsible unit, in this case the Public Service Directorate, to deal with the cases as they claim that this is a risk.

In several streets of the sector, there are clogged sidewalks, whether by workshops, food stalls, old carts that no one moves and even by gardens that put the same neighbors. Photo: Freedom Montoya/Debate

Neighbors of this colony prune trees or take out other waste that, they claim, op Ecology’s garbage truck is not carried away, so they are left on the sidewalk looking bad. Photo: Freedom Montoya/Debate

Original source in Spanish

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