translated from Spanish: BioMérieux fight against antimicrobial resistance

CDMX.- From 18 to 24 November, World Antibiotic Awareness Week, led by the World Health Organization (WHO), is commemorated. This is expected to be the leading cause of death among the population by 2050. There are actions that are accelerating this process and more and more viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites that are resistant to antimicrobials. Every 45 seconds a person dies as a result of this phenomenon, becoming 700,000 deaths per year in the world.
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In May 2015, the 68th World Health Assembly approved a global action plan to address the growing problem of antibiotic and other antimicrobial resistance. One of the main goals of this plan is to increase awareness and understanding of this problem through communication, education and training. Antimicrobial resistance is mainly spread by excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics; but also in raising livestock and the environment, as drugs are used to fight infections in humans and animals.» Unfortunately with the advent of SARS-CoV-2 we have set aside this alarming phenomenon, which has preceded the pandemic and will continue after it, this WHO-led week is a reminder that antimicrobial resistance remains a global problem,» says Dr Norma Hernández, Medical Director of BioMérieux Latin America.How does bioMérieux contribute to this struggle? Through internal efforts that train and report on the impact of this global phenomenon aimed at their employees, but also the health personnel who are part of their continuing education seminars where they receive guidance for the creation of systems that monitor the use of drugs.» Antimicrobial use optimization programs serve to ensure patient safety, but also to contain the serious threat to global health, to reduce inappropriate treatments with timely diagnoses, and to guide the prescription to have better guidelines in each hospital,» dr. Hernández said. , which is an excellent tool for the medical community to make the most accurate decision when choosing treatment or modifying it on time. The high specificity tests that the French company has been developing for more than half a century favor responsible use of antimicrobials and help preserve their effectiveness for future generations. For bioMérieux it is very important to maintain the quality, speed and effectiveness of these tests, since medical decisions are based on up to 70% on your results.

Original source in Spanish

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