translated from Spanish: Ebrard offers indegatory ‘at the height of Mexico’s prestige’ for Cienfuegos

Mexico’s investigation of retired General Salvador Cienfuegos will live up to the country’s prestige and dignity, Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard said on Thursday. 
“The President of the Republic instructed us to say wisely, but firmly and clearly the position of Mexico which is to defend its idgnity and its institutions and our armed forces. Yes to defend dignity but in no way allow impunity,” explained the chancellor.
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He assured that the U.S. government’s request to drop charges against the former Secretary of Defense defended the dignity of our country.
“So Mexico has done that, defending its dignity, prestige and justice will also have to be done in accordance with what the law of justice has,” he added.
Ebrard Casaubon added that there will be no impunity in the case of the general as there is already a change in the Mexican authorities and that it will be the FGR that is responsible for resolving whether there are elements to judge Cienfuegos or not.
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“For Mexico there is no scenario of impunity. It would be very expensive for Mexico to have chosen to have that conversation with the US. Getting the charges against a former Defense Secretary, who has returned to Mexico and then doing nothing, dismissed for the first time in history would be almost suicidal,” Ebrard said.
Mexico will be able to enforce the law, Ebrard added, and promised that those responsible will be prosecuted, tried and sentenced in the country, in accordance with national laws.
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