translated from Spanish: Minister Delgado visits young people of the Sename shot: “It’s not just statistics, it’s not just numbers, they’re people”

The Interior Minister, Rodrigo Delgado, visited on Thursday the two minors who were shot inside a home dependent on the Sename, in the commune of Talcahuano.
As Delgado indicated at the departure of the visit, “they were very frank, very sincere conversations. I ran into two very valuable young men. I met two people who are full of dreams, who have life stories, told me their lives, their love of sport, told me about their childhood and I wholeheartedly appreciate that they have opened that space to me, that possibility to a conversation, that really comforts me from the human point of view.”
“These young people aren’t just statistics, it’s not just numbers, they’re people,” he added.
“My purpose was to meet the people behind it, but also to be able to ask the local authorities to have the information as soon as possible, so that we could make it available to the person who is conducting the investigation and be able to clarify as soon as possible what has happened,” he added.
In that line, he explained that he met with the national director of Sename, with which a pilot plan was agreed for such future situations.
“We draw conclusions that are valuable, for example I want to highlight one: there is a pilot plan that is close to being implemented, that will create mobile devices, that are multidisciplinary teams, mainly psychiatrists and psychologists, that will be 24 hours a day, just to be able to arrive in a timely manner when a situation of decompensation occurs or there is a situation that requires some intervention of professionals , which may not have until today,” he explained.
“So such pilot plans need to be strengthened quickly throughout Chile, so that we can act in a timely manner and with other tools in the face of a situation like the one that occurred here in Talcahuano,” he concluded.

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