translated from Spanish: Chile would have 800,000 new people for the pandemic

A world bank study predicted that by the end of the year Chile will have increased its poverty levels due to the coronavirus pandemic. If in 2019 the country closed with 8.1% of its population in that condition, by 2020 the figure is expected to reach 12.3%.
The screening was carried out after telephone consultations in a three-way survey between May and August that measured how chile’s economic situation varied as the crisis progressed.
Thus it was concluded that the pandemic would generate 800 thousand new poor. A figure that could have been higher, as the survey found that without state mitigation measures poverty could have reached 17.9%.
«The Government’s effort has truly been impressive, not only in terms of the number of benefits granted, but also of focusing on the poor in terms of crisis mitigation,» said Gabriela Inchauste, economist in charge of Poverty and Equity at the WB for Latin America.
As a sign of this, he stated that in the first round of interviews 20% of households said they had received input in cash or food. In the second it rose to 45%, and in the third it reached 46.7%.
The representative explained that the withdrawal of 10% of AFPs was not considered, as it was not an additional income, but a personal «saver».

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