translated from Spanish: «Here are the brave men who will face the left»: Pepa Hoffmann declines to be a candidate for the UDI presidency and cedes her post to Javier Macaya

Another change was the internal elections of the UDI. If it was known yesterday that Pablo Longueira was leaving the race and leaving his post to the former Minister of the Interior, Víctor Pérez, this Friday it was known that the other list in competition also underwent modifications, since Deputy María José Hoffmann declined at the last minute to be a candidate, so her place will be occupied by her partner Javier Macaya.
Macaya and Hoffmann’s «Creative Force» list registered his candidacy after 17 hours, after Victor Pérez did the same, who arrived at the gremialist headquarters accompanied by Pablo Longueira.
«Here are the brave people who are going to face the left, who are going to work for the unity of our sector,» Pepa Hoffmann said in introducing Macaya and a list he defined as «unitary and regionalist.»
Macaya-Hoffmann’s payroll will consist, among others, of former Women’s Minister Isabel Plá, Deputies Gustavo Sanhueza and Nicolás Noman and the mayor of La Reina, José Manuel Palacios.
The head of the UDI MPs took advantage of announcing that she will go through the general secretariat quota. «I don’t get out of anything, » he said.
Macaya, for her part, will again try to stay with the presidency of the UDI, following her 2018 attempt when she lost to current President Jacqueline van Rysselberghe. «Two years ago we did well in the election, we got almost half the votes,» the MP said for O’Higins, betting on getting the party presidency this time, this time competing against Victor Perez.
Hoffmann’s letter
Through a letter addressed to militancy, Hoffmann communicated his decision to decline the candidacy for the presidency, noting that «many months ago we began an adventure whose first stage ends today with the registration of the lists for the National Directive. We toured Chile, talked to thousands of militants, summoned young people and historical leaders, made countless calls for unity, and built a proposal for the UDI of the future.»
«The UDI must be filled with energy and strength to meet the challenges that come; our party can’t stand any more divisions, that’s why we’re committed to unity; driving the UDI isn’t about a person, that’s why we’re presenting a powerful team,» he adds.
«The facts say more than a thousand speeches, so I wanted to crystallize this proposal of unity and equipment into a concrete gesture: I have asked Javier Macaya to lead this new process,» he added.
«The UDI will again surprise, with energy, with love for Chile, aware of the historical moment we are experiencing. We will be protagonists again, we will reconsteer and we will tune back in with the Chileans. That’s the creative force!» he concluded.

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