translated from Spanish: Rozas exit spokesman: «A different phase is needed where new leadership can carry it out»

The minister spokesman, Jaime Bellolio, referred to the resignation of General Mario Rozas, and said that the evaluation that was made inside La Moneda, was that his departure was necessary to begin a new phase, to modernize Carabineros.
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Bellolio stated in conversation with Radio Universe that, in the political committee, the view on Rozas’ resignation was «practically unanimous», and raised that «the decision is made at the end of accepting General Rozas’ resignation after conversing with the same President, because it is very necessary, as the President himself and the Minister of the Interior said, to begin the second phase that is to improve , modernize Carabineros».
«A different phase is needed where new leadership can move it forward much more appropriately. Finally, one issue that is perhaps much more complex is to have central legitimacy and approval for all citizens again,» the spokesman for government added.
The headline of the Segegob, on whether the resignation was requested by President Piñera, or filed by Rozas, said that «there is a conversation where the general submits the resignation and the President accepts it, it would not turn me around, it is an agreed exit between the two»

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