translated from Spanish: Sernac filed class action against Paris and Falabella over pandemic online shopping claims

The National Consumer Service announced the filing of class actions against Paris and Falabella, for claims relating to problems in internet purchases made during the pandemic.
The action was decided after the companies did not meet the demands made by the service, after collective voluntary procedures initiated in August.
Falabella, said Sernac, exceeds 66 my claims between March and November, being the case with the highest volume of complaints to the agency. 68% of claims, meanwhile, correspond to delays in deliveries or products that did not reach their destination.
In the case of Paris, meanwhile, 19,203 claims were reported against the company, 8% of the total market, of which 8,146 were due to delays in delivery. Complaints also pointed to unilateral cancellations to purchases made and paid, and changes in clearance dates.
“It is unacceptable for a consumer to wait more than five months for a response from the company and not to finally receive the product they purchased. With these behaviors, a form of sale that was supposed to help, becomes frustration and monetary cost, but also emotional in a context where people need facilities and not difficulties,” said Sernac director Lucas del Villar.
From March to date, Sernac has received 243,310 claims with e-commerce in general, 440% more than in the same span of 2019.

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