translated from Spanish: They revealed why Jimena Baron left social media

This Friday afternoon, Paula Varela told details about Jimena Baron’s abrupt virtual disengagement and the background of her separation from Banfield footballer Daniel Osvaldo. The singer who at the time, separating from the sportsman, denounced him in various media and then in his unspoke musical career, dedicated songs with lyrics that spoke about vindication, liberation and rebirth, after a failed relationship and of which he did not have the best memories of his son’s father. Following quarantine, and at Morrison’s request, they had had an approach with Daniel Osvaldo, who ended up in fleeting coexistence and reconciliation. 

Every day we saw in the networks, different stories where the couple showed us their redemptions, their talks, and their renewed relationship. But suddenly, one afternoon, the singer loaded her things into the trunk and left Osvaldo’s house, calling herself silently and closing all her social media. Today they are both with new couples, and while Baron did not resume network activity, the intruders panelist told in the afternoon what the trigger for the separation would have been and why Jimena closed her accounts. 
Varela reportedly recounted”The reviews began but she banned it because she was hooked on it. One day he finds chats with other women and there he got sad seriously.”

“I didn’t even answer the friends and (with Daniel Osvaldo) they had an argument. He told her he never promised her anything,” the panelist said. And that’s why Jimena grabbed the bags and left the house. 
And with regard to social media, what came to him as information explained: “What your friends tell me is that she felt ashamed. It felt contradictory,” Varela concluded. 

I currently played her as “La Cobra” is in a couple with the “Tucu” López and Osvaldo presented a girlfriend in networks. 

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