translated from Spanish: After his sayings, Soledad Acuña wrote a letter to the Porteño teachers

During the week, the Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires Soledad Acuña was the focus of criticism for her sayings against the Porteños teachers. After these were strongly repudiated, the civil service member wrote a letter that was sent to all teachers via email. In the misiva, Acuña took the opportunity to clarify his sayings and to confirm his willingness to go against militancy in the classroom.” The vast majority of you work for a plural education that promotes critical thinking, analysis and informed discussion. I know, and we have talked about it so many times, that we defend the classroom as that place to form, learn and reflect in an environment where all ideas and beliefs are respected, without part-party militancy. No party,” she explained.

One of the sayings that generated the most rejection of her intervention in the conversation with Fernando Iglesias was that, according to her, many teachers choose teaching as a “third or fourth” option after “failing” in other careers. To this, Acuña supported him in the mission sent with some data: in CABA, 14% of the instive takes the teaching career as a first choice, while 52% reach a teacher after leaving another career. And, on average, it takes seven years to receive when the theoretical duration is four.” The numbers are difficult, uncomfortable, we all know them and we can see them reflected in the day to day, in different situations, beyond the numbers. These are realities that we talk about every time we meet and on which we still have a deep debate with all sectors,” she concluded.

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