translated from Spanish: Coronavirus pandemic breaks new global record with 665,000 new contagions

The pandemic of the new coronavirus accumulates more than 57.5 million cases worldwide after adding in the last 24 hours more than 665,000 contagions, marking, for the second day in a row, a new record in the daily count of affected, according to the balance sheet of Johns Hopkins University updated to this Saturday. In particular, on the last day, 665,668 new cases have been recorded worldwide – well above Friday’s 650,000, a previous record – while the overall death figure stands at 1,372,274. More than 36.8 million people have managed to overcome the disease worldwide. The United States has recorded the worst case data for the entire pandemic in recent days, and this Saturday has been no exception in setting a new daily contagion record of more than 195,000 positives, bringing total contagion to 11.9 million. CoVID-19 fatalities on U.S. soil rise to 254,424.India, instead, continues the downward trend in the rate of contagion in recent weeks, although it already exceeds 9 million cases and accumulates 132,726 deaths. The Asian country has recorded the most recoveries to date, more than 8.47 million. Brazil remains third in this classification, which is configured from data from 190 countries and territories with coronavirus cases. The South American giant has recorded more than 6 million cases and 168,613 dead. In fourth place, France counts 2.16 million cases with 48,341 fatalities, while Russia has oversteerned the two million people infected and 34,980 dead. Spain is listed below, with more than 1.55 million cases and 42,619 fatalities, ahead of the UK, which has 1.47 million people with coronavirus and 54,381 death tolls. Argentina is the second-largest country in Latin America, with 1.35 million infected people, and accumulates 36,790 deaths from the disease. Above one million positives are Italy, with 1.3 million contagions and 48,569 dead; Colombia, with 1.24 million positives and 34,929 fatalities; Mexico, which counts 1.02 million positives and exceeds 100,000 deces (100,823). Peru then registers 943,917 infected people and 35,446 fatalities, ahead of the infected 914,118 and the 914,118 deaths in Germany. Iran has 828,377 cases and 43,896 deaths, Poland has 819,262 people with coronavirus and 12,714 deaths and South Africa, Africa’s most affected country, counts 762,763 infected and 20,759 deaths. Ukraine accumulates 614,986 cases of COVID-19 with 10,929 deaths, while Belgium – 553,680 positives and 15,352 dead – Chile – 537,585 contagions and 15,003 deaths – and Iraq – 531,769 positive and 11,883 dead – are also above the half-million threshold. With more than 400,000 positives are Indonesia, with 488,310 positives and 15,678 fatalities; Czech Republic, with 487,563 cases and 7,021 deaths; Netherlands, with 480,649 contagions and 8,898 deces; Bangladesh, with 443,434 cases and 6,322 dead; Turkey, with 435,273 positives and 12,084 deaths; Philippines, with 415,067 infected and 8,025 fatalities; and finally Romania, the latest addition of the last hours, with 403,123 cases and 9,756 deaths. Already in the arc of the 300,000 contagions are Pakistan (371,508), Saudi Arabia (354,813), Israel (327,748), Canada (324,152) and Morocco (316,260), while in the fork of the 200,000 to 300,000 contagions are Switzerland (290,601), Portugal (249,498), Austria (235,351), Nepal (216,965) and Sweden (208,295). Above 100,000 positives are Ecuador (183,840); Jordan (174,335); Hungary (165,901); United Arab Emirates (156,523); Panama (152,289); Bolivia (143,854); Kuwait (139,308); Qatar (136,888); Dominican Republic (136,784); Costa Rica (129,418); Japan (128,901); Armenia (124,839); Kazakhstan (124,710); Oman (121,360) Belarus (120,847); Bulgaria (118,418); Guatemala (117,757); Lebanon (113,655) Egypt (112,318); Serbia (110,351); Ethiopia (104,879 ), Honduras (103,551) and Georgia (100,684). China, the country where the pandemic originated, counts 91,977 infected and 4,742 fatalities.

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