translated from Spanish: Fake social worker, arrested by neighbors after trying to steal a baby

Jacona, Mich. – Elements of the Michoacán Police, Municipal Police and the National Guard assured a woman who entered an address allegedly with the intention of seized a baby. The suspect struck and tied up the little girl’s mother and one of her sisters, but was surprised by the affected’s father, who with the help of neighbors managed to subdue her.
For information gathered in the reportery work it was learned that inhabitants of the Lomas del Manantial colony, in this city of Jacona, were the ones who requested the support of the police authorities as they had a woman being held, for an alleged kidnapping attempt.
The guardians of the order immediately moved to Sierra Occidental Street, where the neighbors themselves handed them over to the alleged, which said she was called Patricia Angelica C., G., 49, a neighbor of the Ramirez colony.
Municipal Civil Protection paramedics came to provide first aid to Ms. María Benedicta A., M., 32, as well as her daughter Britany, 6, who had been beaten and “taped,” as well as another month-old born fortunately, was found safe and sound.
In relation to this, it was stated that the now detained arrived at the property and presented herself as an alleged Social Trabadora of the Secretariat of the Economy and that she was conducting questionnaires to provide support, so they allowed her to enter, where
I take the opportunity to hit and breastfeed the lady and the under-6s with a firearm to immobilize them with tape.
Minutes later the husband and father of those affected arrived who, realizing the risk in which his family was located and with the support of the neighbors, managed to subdue the aggressor and then give it to the police authorities.
The woman was made available to the State Attorney General’s Office where the corresponding investigations will be carried out and the legal status of the requested one will be determined.

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