translated from Spanish: Hospitals of Sahuayo and Uruapan, the most in demand by Covid-19

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Morelia, Michoacán.- According to the report of the Michoacán Ministry of Health epidemiological behavior by COVID-19, converted beds for the care of Serious Acute Respiratory Infections (IRAG), of 5 hospitals of the Michoacán Ministry of Health (SSM), record an occupancy of between 35 and 21.14 percent
The most demanded nosocomios are the generals of Sahuayo, with 35 percent; Uruapan, “Pedro Daniel Martínez”, with 31.2; Maravatío, 30; “Dr. Miguel Silva”, by Morelia 29.15, and La Piedad, 21.14 percentage points.
In view of this, the importance of the population extremes preventive health measures to break the contagion chain and avoid collapsing nosocomomes due to the sustained transmission of COVID-19 in the entity.
In case of essential activities it is necessary to maintain the distance of at least one and a half meters between people, the constant washing or disinfection of hands.
Not touching your face with dirty hands is also of paramount importance, as the virus enters the system through the mucous membrane of eyes, nose and mouth.
Staying at home, as well as the use of the water cover are essential to prevent the spread of the virus in the entity and thus preserve the health and life of the population, where social co-responsibility is fundamental.
The institution makes available to the public the 800-123-2890 with 11 lines to solve doubts.

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