translated from Spanish: Rueda after the appointment with Milad stated that it was with many “questions”

The Coach of the Chilean national team, Reinaldo Rueda, met on the present day with the president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad, to analyze the last double date for the World Cup qualifiers 2022.La ‘Roja’ prevailed last November 13 2-0 on Peru, at the Estadio Nacional, and on 17 fell surprisingly in Caracas 2-1 to Venezuela. This last result meant the first transpié of Chile visiting the ‘Vinotinto’ in the history of the Qualifiers.After the appointment, the stratat of Colombian origin stated that “it was a meeting with many questions, with an assessment of the double elimination date, and the situation we are experiencing, which is not easy, so we inspired, mainly in the duel against Venezuela and perhaps with the passing of the days we are assimilating that assessment , more precisely and projecting the immediate future.” This year has been atypical about the irregularity of players in their clubs. We always do self-criticism. We played four acceptable games, against Uruguay and Colombia we needed five headlines, now we recovered some, it could have been better, but with a lot of irregularity. Also, the moment the players live in their clubs,” he added. In addition, the last selection of Colombia, Ecuador and Honduras indicated that “the balance is acceptable for what we did on the court, no selection passed us, a coherent game was made, new values were projected, that it is not easy for people to accept them and want them. Maybe it’s a daring to make 16 players debut in four games. It all depends on how we see the evaluation.” After four dates of the long road to Qatar, the ‘Red’ ranks sixth in the table with four units. The next crossing will be in March 2021 against Paraguay in Santiago.

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