translated from Spanish: Who was Jorge Brito, the “national banker”

A helicopter accident ended the life of Jorge Brito, the country’s most important banker, owner of Banco Macro and with important ties to national political leadership. According to Forbes Magazine’s ranking, Brito was the tenth richest person in the country, with an estate estimated at $1.5 billion. In the last week, his opposition to the Extraordinary Contribution of the Great Fortunes had become public. 
Despite this, since the presidential campaign he was close to the government of Alberto and Cristina Fernández, even in an interview in Profile in December 2019, he defined himself as an official. In addition, during Mauricio Macri’s four years at Casa Rosada, the banker said he had been “persecuted” by Cardinal Newman’s graduate, which is why he left macro management.
On top of the financial sector, he had real estate businesses through Vizora, and agricultural businesses through Oath Investor, Bermejo Refrigerator and Oath Cabin, and energetic with Genneia.Su career in the world of fineness began in the 1970s, when he founded together with Delfín Carballo, his brother-in-law, finance Hamburg. Years later he bought Banco Macro. 
Over the years the Bank expanded, as did its investments in different areas, the last being Genneia S.A., which produces energy through various subsidiaries, especially wind. Hours after his death, former Vice President Amado Boudou lamented his death in radio statements by considering Brito a “national banker,” a way he too defined himself.

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