translated from Spanish: 71 years of university gratuitousness in Argentina

On a day like today in 1949, then-President Juan Domingo Perón established by presidential decree the University Free at all public universities in the country, constituting one of the most important milestones in the history of Argentine education.” The greatest conquest was that the university was filled with children of workers,” Perón said in an interview two decades after he had established the gratuitousness of higher education.

• “The greatest conquest was that the University was filled with children of workers”. • 71 years ago Juan Domingo Perón established the gratuitousness of university teaching. — TOD☀️S (@FrenteDeTodos)
November 22, 2020

As a continuation of the University Reform of 1918, another of Argentina’s educational milestones, the First Five-Year Justice Plan raised the need for the State to establish the free of the University for students of all social classes. It was then through Presidential Decree No. 29337 that General Juan Domingo Perón materialized this measure that was undoubtedly transformative for Argentine society as it significantly expanded access to university education and as a consequence allowed the social rise of vast sectors.” As a measure of good governance, the State must lend its full support to young students who aspire to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Nation, removing any obstacle that prevents or impedes the fulfilment of as remarkable as legitimate vocation” establishes Article 1 of the decree that suspends, as a state policy, university tariffs throughout the country.71 years later, we recall this measure that was fundamental in the conquest of public education and a key piece for Argentines and Argentines to have the same opportunities.

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