translated from Spanish: Briones reiterated criticism of 10% second retirement driven by Pamela Jiles: “Not because it’s popular is good for tomorrow”

“The ultimate goal of the planned funds is pensions and these universal withdrawals, at any event, decrease the amount available and compromise the ability to generate better pensions,” Finance Minister Ignacio Briones reiterated, questioning the project that seeks to allow a further withdrawal of 10% of the planned funds. The Secretary of State questioned the measure and reiterated that the line should be drawn through the project submitted by the government. As he told El Mercurio, the initiative promoted by Meps Pamela Jiles “is creating a parallel constitution that floods the exclusive powers of the President of the Republic through a constitutional ‘shortcut’ that makes transitional reform that does not converse with the permanent body of the Constitution.” As last week pointed out, “it is key to limit this way of legislating that is infinite; we are already in a second and a third withdrawal, a tax on the ‘super-rich’, the postponement of patents, is announced. This has reached a dimension that if we do not set a definitive limit on it, we have a major institutional problem.” On resorting to the Constitutional Court Briones insisted that “you have to do the right thing, not what is popular”, replicating that the project “not because it is popular is good for tomorrow or positive for pensions”.

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