translated from Spanish: Diego Milito announced that he leaves Racing: “I don’t share the model and ideas of the club and the president”

Diego Milito announced minutes ago through an Instagram video that he will not continue as Racing’s next technical secretary after the elections that will be in December, no matter what sports happens with the Copa Libertadores de América.” I don’t share the model and ideas of the club and the president. I have nothing personal against Victor (White). I feel like I haven’t been heard,” began the idol who marked his stance against the president and excited fans to run in the next election.” Just choose a different model that I don’t share; but he has the power to be most responsible for choosing the policies and guidelines where he wants to take the club,” Milito said. He continued: “I respect him at the crack, for he is the president elected by the partners. On the other hand, I would like to stress that this is not from now on, as I have spoken to him repeatedly.”
“I became involved three years ago with the mission of professionalizing a fundamental area, such as sports. I think I’ve been successful, with mistakes and virtues the results are in sight. But I don’t think I’ve been heard and that’s why I leave you the space to get on with your ideas,” he added. In addition, the 22 made it clear that he never asked for the dismissal of other leaders because he does not have the power to do so, but if he asked to be allowed to work in peace and quiet, something that did not happen: “Names pass, because the shield has to be above anyone. We have to discuss models and structures. Renew systems I’ve been through since the 1990s. Those chicane, destabilization and operations that are unnecessary and harmful to our club.”
“I intend another club: evolution, technology, work teams, with good communication and connection with the world. Form competitive teams and renew infrastructure so that investment is not considered an expense,” he argued. The Academy is days away from playing its most important match of the year against Flamengo for the eighth round and was justified by explaining that the moments are not chosen, they only happen, but finally it asked the fans to “Let’s not take sides, let’s not make a break. Let’s stay together supporting the team and the technical staff who are going to leave everything to win what we want most: the Copa Libertadores. I embrace them with my heart.”

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