translated from Spanish: G20 promises to fight for universal “affordable and equitable access” to COVID-19 vaccines

G20 leaders promised “no effort” to ensure “affordable and equitable access for all” to COVID-19 vaccines, according to the final summit statement released on Sunday.
The summit of the world’s 20 largest economies was held this year by videoconference under Saudi Arabia’s chairmanship.

Summit closing speech by Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud 
“The COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact in terms of lost lives, livelihoods, and affected economies is an unprecedented blow that has revealed vulnerabilities in our preparedness and response and underscored our common challenges,” the final communiqué says.
However, the G20 does not mention in its statement the $28 billion, including an emergency $4.2 billion, demanded by international organizations to combat the pandemic.

The G20 also addressed the complex issue of poor countries, which is worsening as a result of the pandemic-in-crisis economic crisis.
G20 nations will work to “protect lives, provide support with a special focus on the most vulnerable, and put our economies back on track to restore growth and create jobs for all.”
The group’s leaders also claim to be “committed to implementing” the so-called Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI), “including its extension until June 2021,” the text states.
The great powers, which have already spent about $11 trillion to save the world economy, also say they are “determined to continue using all available instruments” to support a “unequal” and “very uncertain” recovery.

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