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Morelia; Michoacán.- Civil society organizations are essential to care for and expand aid to children suffering from cancer and child violence; therefore, a great alliance between the authorities and NGOs is needed, Carlos Torres Piña said after meeting with representatives of them, whose work is focused on these sensitive and sensitive areas.
The Federal Deputy called for not losing human sense to such heartbreaking problems, such as childhood cancer and violence against minors; for the same reason; stressed the necessary linkage to address these problems of children, who every day struggle to succeed despite the adversity and pain of developing the disease or suffering violence.
Torres Piña highlighted the laudable work of these humanitarian organizations, who help without waiting for any remuneration for their work.
The cancer tears apart not only the infants, but the whole family once the disease is diagnosed, so emotional and family help is required, they exhibited.
The numbers are impressive, as in the coming year alone 10,000 children in the country are expected to be diagnosed with cancer, they said.
Ana Valencia of the Organization Honor and Cause Social Activism, Alex Arche the Foundation “Chocho”, Jorge Fernando Fabián de Rodemos sin Fronteras and Jatziri Mireles Valencia, are some of the representatives of the organizations that attended this meeting.

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