translated from Spanish: Some streets of Villa Benito Juárez need to be improved

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Not all utilities are 100 in the syndicature of Villa Benito Juárez, (Tamazula II), by Salvador Alvarado. There are details to attend to that neighbors commented. On the visit to a part of the syndicature it was possible to know what the community needs to improve services. Several were comments on quality in services. One of the requests was that juan Prim street needs to be improved, as there is loose stone and a little needs to be filled.  
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Neighbor Gisela González commented that in some streets there is also a lack of scraping. On this street they also have another detail, a lamp that has been failing and although on this street they are not struggling with the water service, the neighbor commented that she has heard neighbors of adjoining streets complaining about the low pressure of water, as well as problems with street lighting. For these details the neighbors did not give a 10 to the operation of the public services that they have in this part of the syndicature.  

The garbage collection service passes twice a week, but recently only a day passed, residents of Juan Prim Street said.   Of the rest of the services, such as the drainage and public safety network, no complaints were mentioned, but it is important that the aforementioned requests are taken into account, as they are details, but they are still requests for citizen attention.

Original source in Spanish

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