translated from Spanish: University of Chile and Everton tied for minimum account at Sausalito

University of Chile and Everton handed out points this Sunday by tying a goal at the Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar, in a match of little emotion and a lot of friction, for the twentieth date of the 2020 National Championship.Flojo meeting in ciudad Jardín, in the official premiere of Venezuelan Rafael Dudamel in the bank of the blues. No team managed to dominate, times of danger were scarce and good football was missed. When the venue played slightly better, the school cast opened the count in the 16th minute. A right-hand corner launch by Walter Montillo, Matías Rodríguez headed toward the center of the area and there the gunner Joaquín Larrivey appeared to lead. In the final stretch of the initial stage, at 41′, came parity for the ‘rouletteers’. After a precise rating of Cristián Menendez, Juan Cuevas trained in the area and pulled out an elevated left-hander that beat Fernando de Paul.The first warning of the complementary stage was the visitor, at 71 minutes. A quick start from the team that played in red today ended with a forehand from outside the Montillo area that found the big reaction of Johnny Herrera, who flew to his right to block the punchline. At 82′, the referee charged criminal throw in favor of the ‘gold and sky’ for violation of Luis Del Pino Mago against Walter González. The victim of the foul served from the age of 12 and his powerful shot was blocked with his legs by De Paul. And nothing else to stand out in Viña del Mar. With this parity, Everton reached 25 points and was ninth, while the ‘U’ accumulates 30 and remains in sixth place. For the 21st day of the honor series, the Dudamel team will receive Universidad Católica in the classic, while javier Torrente’s team will visit Unión La Calera…..

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