translated from Spanish: Britney Spears recalls Thanksgiving with endearing message

United States.- During the month of November, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States, this celebration being the one that announces that Christmas is coming so it is one of the most important dates for singer Britney Spears.Through her Instagram account, Britney Spears shared an image of her allusive to the celebration , to which she indicated that Thanksgiving is one of the favorite festivities for her.
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Although she did not give many explanations, Britney Spears reserved to give thanks and share a nice message with all her followers.» Thanksgiving is one of my favorite parties!!!!! I love autumn…. I like hot chocolate and I really like my place of fire at home…. it’s very good!!!!! I also love that my children have a THANKSGIVING REST! 2020 has been a great disaster for everyone in the world….»
«Honestly, it’s an achievement to remember what day it is sometimes…. constantly looking at my silly calendar !!!!!!! It’s okay not to be perfect … burn the pizza in the oven….. crying for a book for an hour after reading…. to look for your shadows and have been in your head all the time… have a messy closet…. forget where you left off your cleaning supplies….. have a month of cheating with food…. come on friends…. it’s the !!!!!!!! None of us is perfect … and a little secret for you … don’t tell anyone, but I forgot it was Thanksgiving this week!!!!! Britney Spears wrote on Instagram.

Original source in Spanish

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