translated from Spanish: Dudamel highlighted De Paul in his performance: «He’s the best goalkeeper in the tournament»

Rafael Dudamel came close to making his U-bank debut with a loss. However, Fernando de Paul saved him. The Tuto tackled a penalty kick that gave Everton the win and maintained the duel 1-1, the result of which was the final. An aspect that the coach didn’t let go. «Every trainer can sleep peacefully when from the bow he has guarantees. We have the best goalkeeper in Chilean football, Fernando is an archer who gives guarantees. They have in it, the example of what it is to know how to wait patiently and know how to take advantage of the opportunities,» the Venezuelan coach said at the dam conference. He then highlighted the most experienced players on campus as well. «Matías (Rodríguez), Gonzalo (Espinoza), Jean (Beausejour), Walter (Montillo), Joaquín (Larrivey) are players who are able to sustain themselves over time have the experience, an experience that we will know how to take advantage of it,» he added. The strata stated that the U is «a team that has players of great experience, that with them (experienced players) as benchmarks we will seek to grow the performance of the youngest. We realize that they are footballers who have accumulated a good number of matches,» he explained. Regarding what he seeks to impregnate in his players, he argued that «I like that you move teams are intense, but intelligently intense. Let the interactions in the lines be embodied by the work.» One aspect that makes the blue square difficult is the weighted table. Last year’s poor results continue to weigh and the ghost of the descent remains present. However, Dudamel was confident that they will be able to move away from the last places. «We, at the time we take on this responsibility, have been aware of the sporting condition and the campus we have to face commitments in the short term. We have no doubt that we will work thinking big, without seeing that table, but we are going to move away from that reality, pointing to the greatest thing that is to be as high as possible on the table,» he said. Nor was he he he hesitative about his complicated departure on the next date. The U will be measured with the UC, the tournament leader and the most regular team. «The point difference from those leading is great (…) We will have 15 days to prepare the match well, knowing that we will face a team that plays very well collectively and individually. We’re going to seek to magnify our virtues. I am privileged to arrive and play these kinds of matches,» warned the Venezuelan. He also had words for Angelo Henríquez, who has been criticized for his performance. «We have found a footballer with great disposition, knowing that he has much more to contribute. We’re going to put him in his natural position, I don’t see him happy because we know he can give a lot more. We thank you for the will to play in a position that is not natural. We’ll try to give everyone the opportunities to play where they feel most comfortable.», justified the DT. Finally, he recounted that they were planning to give rest to some of the players who have had the most burden, but the footballers themselves asked to continue working. Due to the primaries that will be carried out this weekend, football was suspended. Thus, Rafael Dudamel will have two weeks to plan the match with the Crusaders. Duel that is scheduled for Sunday, December 6 at 18:00.

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