translated from Spanish: New harvests and launches refresh the wine and foaming market

Even in pandemic, the wine industry doesn’t stop. Wine accounts for 0.5% of gross domestic product and employs more than 100,000 people in direct work, according to Vinos de Chile. And it’s one of the few items that wasn’t affected in sales.
That’s why the market brings new strains, crops and brands. With reds that are enjoyed at freezing temperatures to share on a terrace while the temperature rises or with traditional vines to enjoy with good meat. Or new varieties of foamers to expand the supply of some of the fastest growing beverages in recent years.
TerraNoble’s new harvests
An award-winning Carmenere, a refreshing and fruity Sauvignon Blanc, a blunt Cabernet Sauvignon, the character of the wines of author Disidente… the new harvests of Viña TerraNoble consolidate the work that winemaker Marcelo García has been developing over the last few years.
And while several stand out, there are two that catch the eye. The first is the Carmenere 2018, the product of a selection of the best barracks of the first vineyards planted in 1994 in El Valle del Maule, with vines that are 25 years old and whose production is between 6 to 7 ton/ha.

Aged in French oak barrels and un toasted fudres, it achieves shades of purple red with bluish hues. On the nose it has a high fruit intensity, highlighting fresh red and black fruits, light spicy notes and fresh mint. On the palate it is a
long, juicy, creamy wine with round tannins and good body, highlighting its freshness and pleasant acidity that makes it persistent.
Ideal to accompany a roast strip, risotto or seasoned meals, serve at 16o and 18oC.
The other highlight is carignan 2018. For many it can be a difficult strain for its acidity and marked tannins. However it is perfect at 12oC to share on a terrace with friends or family.
It stands out for its intense and deep red colour, with aromas such as acidic cherry and minerals. On the palate it is a very fresh and refreshing wine, with sleous and wild tannins, very long and persistent on the palate, ideal to pair with tangles of aubergines, meats, stew, strong cheeses and cold cuts.
Gran Reserva Serie Riberas stands out again in Uncorked
The Line of Concha y Toro, by the Winemaker Marcio Ramírez, is again recognized in the guide Uncorked 2021, the prestigious publication prepared annually by the specialized journalist Patricio Tapia.
All its varieties – whose name pays homage to the rivers of Chile that define the flavors of these wines – obtained more than 90 points, but highlight the Cabernet Sauvignon harvest 2019 obtained 92 points, as did the Syrah 2019 varieties and the inclusion of Malbec 2019.
Obtaining these excellent scores are accompanied by a commitment to take care of the environment where these wines are produced, such as the conservation of flora and fauna, and sustainable production with the support of the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 comes from the Palo Santo vineyard, located in Marchigs, O’higgins Region. With a deep concentration of flavors, the red fruits stand out as a strawberry and cherry, with a delicate texture and soft tannins.
Paired very well with red meats, including lamb, pork and beef. You can also taste it either with ripe and stronger cheeses – such as sheep cheeses – spiced sausages, olives, mustard and pepper, or with bitter chocolates with more than 70% cocoa.
As for Malbec, faithful representative of this variety stands out for its dark color intense purple red and its aromas flavors of black fruits, blueberries, plums and chocolate. In the mouth it is concentrated, with soft and sweet tannins and with a certain acidity.

Paired well with roasted red meats, zeta and truffle preparations, plus wok vegetables with a touch of sweet and spicy sauce.
Undurraga expands its offer with the can format
Following the successful launch of the Canned Undurraga Brut in 2019, the brand innovates again with a highly recyclable packaging.
Its new Sweet Moscato strain expands the offer in the 250cc format, for young consumers or those who bet on drinking in moderation.
Made with Moscatel grapes and other white varieties from the vineyards in the Central Valley, this sparkling golden wine, with floral aroma and pleasant finish, is ideal as a sweet aperitif to accompany with a cold entry or with cakes and desserts.
Fermentation of Undurraga Sweet Moscato was carried out in stainless steel vats at temperatures between 16o and 17oC, pto maximize the aromas and varietal tastes and throughout this process, until reaching the canning, who was supervising all the details was the renowned oenologist of foamers of Undurraga, Carlos Concha.

The can continues the incursion into new packaging and formats by the vineyard. «We launched the first canned foamer following the global trend of bringing wine closer to new instances of consumption: on the beach, at a meeting of friends or enjoying an afternoon by the pool, for example. The pandemic redefined habits, undoubtedly, although it is only a change of context. Today we see a lot of indoor consumption and high demand for easily transportable and recyclable packaging, so we choose can as a way to offer different alternatives to reach the public. This type of product has a lot of acceptance among the new generations looking for refreshing and quality drinks», explains Fernando Ananía, Assistant Manager of Marketing and Communications.
In just eight years, sales of canned wine in the U.S. have soared from $2 million to nearly $200 million. And in Chile it grows more and more every day. «Aluminum can is the most recycled packaging in the world, reaching 69% recycling rate. In Chile, the expectation is to achieve 55% recycling with the new REP law on packaging recycling. Aluminum can is also the most circular container, as approximately 75% of the extracted aluminum is still used. In this way we demonstrate our commitment to offer the whole society a sustainable, lightweight, safe and modern packaging. We are very proud to participate in this project because Undurraga Sweet Moscato is a special and innovative product in the market, which continues to promote the format for quality wines and foamers,» added Daniel Figueiredo, Ball’s commercial manager for Latin America.

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