translated from Spanish: Normalists demand the release of 14 of their peers

Michoacán.- Normalist students of the Purépecha Plateau radicalized their actions on Tuesday and as a measure of pressure towards the government, 14 of their fellow detainees were released in the past days in the collection booth of Pan-iddícuaro, deprived five municipal policemen of their liberty and generated blockades in Morelia, Uruapan and San Juan Tumbio, at the latter point they also damaged various civilian and commercial vehicles.
On the Pátzcuaro-Uruapan free road, at the height of the community of San Juan Tumbio in the municipality of Pátzcuaro, the students of the Indigenous Normal School of Cherán and the Rural Normal School «Vasco de Quiroga», located in Tiripetío, in Morelia, concentrated to block the aforementioned road.
In addition to the above, they intercepted civilian and commercial engines that opposed the closing of the road and caused them several destructions, as well as threatening the occupants of the units with sticks and stones.

In the same place they stopped a patrol of municipal policemen and deprived of their liberty five officers, who were forging, pushing and beating to the indigenous town of Arantepacua, located in the Nahuatzen demarcation.
In Uruapan the normalists, the commoners and centists blocked the Boulevard Industrial with cargo vehicles, while in Morelia they closed the passage in the La Huerta Causeway, in front of the State Judiciary, here, the mavericks were indigenous inhabitants family and friends of the 14 arrested.
It should be noted that in the past days a control judge linked 64 normalists apprehended for violent events at Pan-Island’s collection kiosk on the Western Highway to trial.
Of the 64 insuited to 14 were set informal pre-trial detention, so they are in the state criminal «David Franco Rodríguez», located in the municipality of Charo and the rest follow their process in freedom.
In this case the judge who knows the matter also defined two months of further investigation and now the companions of these boys who are in prison are the ones who demand their release through this kind of violent behavior.

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