translated from Spanish: Salesman beaten by policemen in Celaya died of heart attack: Prosecutor’s Office

The Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office states that Juan Carlos Padilla Aranda, a tamales salesman who died after being violently arrested on 23 November, died of an acute myocardial infarction, and not because of the blows he had.
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Through a statement, the unit notes that Juan Carlos «had an injunction for a felony, which was granted by the magistrate of control, taking into account the evidence provided by the Public Prosecutor’s Office Agent in charge of the investigation», without giving further information on the indictment.
According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the agents who participated in the detention met the injunction, but the victim «resisted, was subjected as reflected in the videos circulating on various social networks».
However, he claims that «the apprehended was subdued, never beaten, this can be seen in the various videos that have proliferated and those captured by the neighbors who witnessed the arrest, in addition to testimonies gathered.»

The FGEG left digital evidence of necropsy to give transparency to the case and can be reviewed by any expert in the field 👇
— Guanajuato State Attorney General’s Office (@FGEGUANAJUATO) November 25, 2020

According to the result of the necropsy performed on Juan Carlos by a multidisciplinary team of the Prosecutor’s Office, he would have died from an acute myocardial infarction, and the results of the tests carried out were left in «digital evidence, so that it can be reviewed by any expert in the matter».
«It is now known from the interview taken with Juan Carlos’ relatives and his clinical record that he suffered from hypertension and diabetes. He was in medical treatment,» he says.
It also noted that the research protocols that would lead to clarification of the facts continued to be developed.
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Juan Carlos’ family accuses that he was beaten
Juan Carlos’ wife and daughter claim that when they came to recognize the victim’s body at Guanajuato General Hospital, he had signs of violence and was bloodied.
After he was arrested and his whereabouts were unknown for hours, they learned that he was in that nosocomio, however, when the man had died at the site.
In a video that the victim’s daughter uploaded to social media, you can see the moment police officers leave the vehicle in which they arrested Juan Carlos in front of the hospital and retreat in two different cars, both without plates.
The family blames Juan Carlos for Juan Carlos’ death on judicial police officers and calls for justice.
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