translated from Spanish: South Awards: «The Sleepwalkers» and the full list of winners

This Tuesday afternoon is one of the important dates for Argentine cinema. On the one hand, while you can enjoy the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, the South Awards were held, aimed at recognizing the most outstanding titles and workers of the 2019 industry by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina.Among them, «Los Sonámbulos», of the filmmaker Paula Hernández was chosen as one of the candidates to represent the country at the Oscars. It will be evaluated by the jury of the Academy, which will first write down a list of the nine non-English speaking films shortlisted and finally, the five nominated for the category of Best International Film.

The announcement of the winners of the nineteen categories of the 2019 SUR Awards was made under the protocol for the realization of cultural events outdoors with public, whose objective is to allow the realization of all kinds of cultural event safeguarding health security standards for the participants.

The delivery took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Larreta Museum and its opening had a few words from the Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro. In a year when the shoots and productions were interrupted and many premieres had to land directly in the streamig, continuing to celebrate cinema is a huge and significant fact that we should not overlook, especially, understanding cinema as an art that represents us, and exposes experiences, as well as entertainment.

Among the most nominated, «Los Sonámbulos» reached 14 ternas; followed by «The Tale of the Weasels», by Juan José Campanella, who gathered 11;  «Good Intentions», by Ana García Blaya; «The Odyssey of the Giles», by Sebastián Borensztein; and Ana Katz’s «Florianopolis Dream.»

«Good Intentions,» one of the most awarded at the South Awards

In total «The Good Intentions» won 5 awards as well as «Los Sonámbulos»; followed «Die, Monster, Die» with 3; 2 With «The Tale of the Weasels»; and 1 for «That’s how the money changer spoke,» «Flora is not a song to life,» «The Odyssey of the Giles» and «Florianopolis Dream.» Full list of winners:

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Sebastián Arzeno for «The Good Intentions»
BEST ORIGINAL GUION: Ana García Blaya for «The Good Intentions»
BEST ADAPTED GUION: Arauco Hernández, Martín Mauregui and Federico Veiroj for «This is how the money changer spoke» based on the novel «This is how the money changer spoke» by Juan E. Gruber.
BEST ART ADDRESS: Laura Caligiuri for «Die, Monster, Die»
BEST VESTUARIO: Monica Toschi for «The Sleepwalkers»
BEST MAKEUP AND CHARACTERIZATION: Angela Garacija for «The Sleepwalkers»
FEMALE REVELATION: Amanda Minujín for «The Good Intentions»
BEST PHOTOGRAPH: Julián Apezteguía and Manuel Rebella for «Die, Monster, Die»
BEST DOCUMENTAL FILM: «Flora Is Not a Song to Life» directed by Iair Said
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Veronica Llinás for «The Odyssey of the Giles»
BEST SOUND: José Luis Diaz (†) for «The Tale of the Weasels»
BEST ASSEMBLY: Andrew Estrada for «Die, Monster, Die»
MALE REVELATION: Sebastian Arzeno for «The Good Intentions»
BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC: Pedro Onetto for «Los Sonámbulos»
BEST PRIMA OPERA: «The Good Intentions» directed by Ana García Blaya
BEST PROTAGONIC ACTRESS: Graciela Borges for «The Tale of the Weasels»
BEST PROTAGON ACTOR: Gustavo Garzón for «Dream of Florianopolis»
BEST ADDRESS: Paula Hernandez for «Los Sonámbulos»
BEST FICTION FILM: «Los Sonámbulos» directed by Paula Hernández.

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