translated from Spanish: The Government will pay a $9,400 bonus for Empower Work plan holders

Social Development Minister Daniel Arroyo confirmed on Tuesday that the Government will strengthen departures for beneficiaries of social plans by the end of the year. In this way, those who access the Empower Work program will have a year-end bonus for the fixed sum of $9,400. In addition, the Amount of the Feed Card will be doubled and there will be a bonus for Universal Child Assignment (AUH).
«We’re going to give a $9,400 year-end bonus to The Beneficiaries of Empower Work, double the Amount of the Food Card, and give a bonus to AUH beneficiaries, they’re going to charge $12,000 in December,» Arroyo said on radio statements.

«There is no encouragement of a social conflict in Argentina, I don’t think there will be a hot December in that regard,» he said in an interview in Futurock. When asked about the social context under the pandemic, the official assured that «the number of people going to the canteens in the conurbano has been destening for four weeks.» Added to this was the award of the year-end bond, on which he clarified that «the 700,000 people who are part of the Empower Work program, and charge half the minimum wage, with four hours of work as consideration, will collect it.»

Finally, the minister called for «combining economic rationality with everyone inside» and discussed that «it is clear that food has increased in a year where many people have struggled with work» as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
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