translated from Spanish: «The Pink Panther»: Prepare new character film and Clouseau with the director of «Sonic»

In an era in which biopics, remakes and even realistic versions of the animated characters that became a success for their generations and transcending them prevail, a new project was confirmed. The pink panther, a classic character from the ’60s who, after the success of her film and that her short film, «The Pink Phink» – which would go down in history as a pilot episode of the animated series – will win an Oscar in its category, will now return to Jeff Fowler the filmmaker who prepared the landing of the hedgehog of video games , Sonic, on the big screen.

The film will bring not only the panther but also Inspector Clouseau, from Blake Edwards’ mind, that is, a detective chasing a pink gem, yes. The character featured subsequent reversals such as those made by Alan Arkin and Bud Yorkin (1968); Roberto Benigni (the Italian darling who starred in «Life Is Beautiful») and Blake Edwards in «The Son of the Pink Panther» (1993); and the most modern, by Steve Martin and Shawn Levy that featured a sequel.

The Pink Panther

It was the medium The Hollywood Reporter, which advanced details of this impending project: that MGM studios will launch a new adaptation of the story that will feature the production of the magnificent actress Julie Andrews (also edwards’ wife) and Walter Mirisch and their son Lawrence.

Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau

Another code name for the script’s work will be Chris Bremner (one of the authors of the latest «Bad Boys» film). The story will place us in the protagonist, an inspector who is in difficulty solving a case until an unexpected fact will lead him to meet the friendly pink panther.

So far, the project has no filming dates and fewer release dates announced, so it will be a matter of waiting and being surprised. As with «Sonic», which predicted a failure at the box office and yet received critical accompaniment as well as became one of the few films to be released in world cinemas prior to the outbreak of the pandemic by coronavirus.
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