translated from Spanish: Trump doesn’t give up his fight to reverse election results

U.S. President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday that he will not give up his struggle to reverse the results of the election, but in the federal government they have already begun preparations to support the incoming government of President-elect Joe Biden.Hours after the General Services Administration (GSA) determined on Monday afternoon Biden’s victory in the November 3 election , federal officials opened the agency doors to hundreds of transition advisers in preparation for the planned inauguration on January 20. And on Tuesday, Trump authorized Biden to receive the daily presidential report, a highly confidential report that is prepared by the country’s intelligence community for senior government officials. A government official said they were still working on logistics on when and where Biden will receive its first report. In an interview with NBC’s «Nightly News» program, Biden said he was also looking to meet with the White House working group for the response to the coronavirus and for the distribution of the vaccine.» So I don’t think we’re going to be as lagging behind as we thought we could be in the past,» he said. «And there is much immediate discussion, and I must say that communication has been sincere. So far there have been no grudges. And I don’t expect there to be. So yes, it’s already started.» By Tuesday afternoon, Biden’s transition team had been in contact with all federal agencies about plans for change of government, according to a transition official. However, Trump, who has not formally accepted his defeat and may never do so, continued to express doubts about the vote, even though an assessment by his own administration indicated that the elections were conducted without any fraud, misconduct or interference. The president hasn’t had much public activity since his defeat. He made a brief appearance in the press room on Tuesday to make a one-minute comment that the Dow Jones industrial average is at record levels and later awarded the traditional turkey pardon at a pre-Thanksgiving event at the White House Rose Garden. He hasn’t answered reporters’ questions in weeks. However, it has not been contained on Twitter in terms of election results.» Remember, the GSA has been wonderful and (the administrator) Emily Murphy has done an amazing job, but the GSA doesn’t determine who the next president of the United States will be,» Trump tweeted Tuesday morning. His legal team continued to present, in vain, challenges to the vote in several decisive states. Murphy made the determination on Biden’s victory after Michigan certified the Democrat’s triumph in the state on Monday, and a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit on Saturday seeking to avoid certification in that state. Pennsylvania certified its results, and its 20 electoral votes for Biden, Tuesday morning, and Nevada and New Mexico did the same hours later. Meanwhile, an increasing number of Republicans were acknowledging Biden’s victory, after weeks of tolerating Trump’s un baseless claims that there had been fraud. The Republican president was increasingly frustrated by the unsevere tactics of his legal team.

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