translated from Spanish: UK to lift COVID-19 restrictions on Christmas dates

London.- The British authorities announced on Tuesday that during the Christmas dates they will lift some restrictions, which were put in place to contain the new coronavirus (COVID-19), so that people can meet with their loved ones. In a statement, the government indicated that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland signed an agreement allowing up to three households to form a ‘Christmas bubble’ from 23 to 27 December.
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People will also be able to travel around the UK without restriction within the five-day period, and those travelling to and from Northern Ireland will be able to travel an additional day on both sides.

However, in England, a meeting is limited to six people. Christmas bubbles can gather in private homes, attend places of worship together, and gather in public outdoor locations. Beyond this, people must continue to respect all other local restrictions in the area. Lancaster Duchy Chancellor Michael Gove said after the meeting that «the agreement reached across the UK today will offer hope to families and friends who have made many sacrifices during this difficult year.» «In reaching this agreement, we have heard scientific and clinical advice on how best to minimize risk and achieve a balanced and viable set of rules that we hope will allow people to spend time together at this important time of year,» he added. COVID-19 in the United Kingdom According to the latest report by health authorities, the number of COVID-19 death in the UK rose to 55,230, while the number of contagions to 1,527,495; 15,450 new. The government hopes to lift restrictions here at Easter week, with the help of vaccines, including the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca project, which they recently announced, is effective. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said yesterday during a press conference that «we should, as evidenced by the evidence I am seeing, be able to vaccinate the vast majority of people in need of more protection by Easter.» It should be mentioned that in the UK each nation decides its own restrictions on containing the virus, but they decided to do so this way for Christmas.

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