translated from Spanish: A group of young men were stung in General Paz and left a 68-year-old woman seriously injured

Last Sunday night, four young men spread over a Volkswagen Vento and a Volkswagen AP began to run stung along Avenida General Paz when one of them crashed the back of a Traffic with a family inside that overturned, injuring everyone there. The main victim was a 68-year-old woman who was taken to the Italian Hospital with fractures in her nose and right shoulder blade. «It is completely deformed, with multiple injuries and injuries. She’s the one who went through the brunt,» Carolina, her daughter, detailed to TN. «This could have been worse, my whole family could have died: my mom, dad, uncles and my cousin.»

According to the victim, the four young men, after the crash, did not bother to consult about the health status of the occupants of the van. One of them was filmed screaming at the cameras and being assisted by a police officer, who immobilized him.» Hey, record that. For all the chicks, for all the girls… greetings, » repeated one of the young men. «Here with a GLI Vento, look what a 16-year-old Vento GLI did (…). I hit you, cat, I hit you, son of a thousand…» Police sources reportedly reported, the four young men were notified by security forces, but none were arrested.

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