translated from Spanish: Ana Rosenfeld suffered the suspension of her professional tuition for her statements about Darthés

Ana Rosenfeld suffered a suspension of her professional tuition for giving up the sponsorship of Juan Darthés in December 2018. Lawyer Francisco Onetto filed the lawsuit for «lack of ethics and violation of professional secrecy» and the final decision was upheld Tuesday by Chamber I of the Discipline Tribunal of the Buenos Aires Bar Association. This Wednesday, the lawyer made her disclaimer in The Angels of the Morning, a cycle in which this week she is serving as a guest panelist.» Two years ago I had to make a very important determination that it was either to follow my ethical and moral principles as a woman or to prioritize the profession of law,» the lawyer Rosenfeld began his release. «This prompted a complaint at the Bar Association, because a lawyer I don’t want to give an entity believed that what I was doing was violating a professional secret, which I never did because I didn’t count the interns, or the reasons why I walked away from the defense. I just said a relationship of trust had broken down,» he said. The lawyer had represented the actor when she denounced Calu Rivero, but then resigned from the defense. By November 2019, he had already had his tuition suspended, but Rosenfeld appealed the resolution. However, a year later the same sanction is ratified.

«There were particular situations and I chose to be a woman and prioritize my convictions. I’m a mother, I give my daughters a very important education about where they should be in life. That offended a lawyer who felt that with resignation I had harmed my client. Which I didn’t do in any way, because I wasn’t a lawyer on the subject that was being ventilated at the time, I was a lawyer in the complaint against Calu Rivero,» she continued.» I didn’t know who was going to be the person who had been denounced (by the Argentine Actress Collective in Thelma Fardin case). When I’m alluded to, I had conversations with Mr. Darthés and we agreed to my estrangement. The Bar Association understood that I had violated professional secrecy,» he repeated once again.» They want to shut me up because they don’t like me defending the interests of someone who bothers them. But nobody shuts me up. I never committed any kind of crime. I’m a lawyer and I’ll still be a lawyer for life. If the College says otherwise, they’re literally making a serious accusation. Until we go to court and make up my mind, I’m a lawyer and I’m going to be a lawyer all my life,» she concluded furiously.

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