translated from Spanish: Morelia government unveils «Memorial» to commemorate victims of femicide

Morelia, Michoacán.- The care of the lives of women, girls and young people in the municipality is one of the main objectives of the Government of Morelia, in this sense the City Council through its Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the State Executive Commission on Victim Care and as part of the actions to commemorate the commemoration of November 25 International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women , the «Memorial to victims of femicide in Morelia» was unveiled, as reported in a statement.
The Memorial located in the Plaza de la Paz of the historic center will be a symbol so that the names of the victims of this crime are always present in the memory of the morelians, in which memory, honor and gratitude will be emphasized the municipal trustee, Labinia Aranda Ortega.
Aranda Ortega emphasized that this list carved in pink quarry will also drive more actions so that Morelia becomes a municipality without gender-based violence «With them all, without us anything», emphasized.

In addition, the state executive commissioner of Victim Care, Cristina Cortés Carrillo, recognized the municipal president, Raúl Morón and the municipality as one of the first to join the signing of the agreement and host the Program Municipalities Províctimas, so that such action could be carried out, the unveiling of the Memorial carried out in quarry with the names of the 17 women victims of femicide in Morelia between 2016 and 2020 , collected by CEEAV and authorized to appear.
Cortés Carrillo noted that the Memorial is a denunciation of violence against women and that it will lead to the form of a peace project with the participation of citizens by sending a message of «you don’t want one more murdered.»

This act was done to honor the memory with a plaque written on it: «They sowed fear, they grew wings for us.» This activity represents a measure of symbolic reparation for The Morelian women who have been victims of femicide, as a forceful action not to forget the facts, to honor the memory of the victims and to raise awareness of future generations.
The unveiling was carried out with the presence of relatives of the victims, authorities and citizens, in a respectful and solemn act.

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