translated from Spanish: Rocío Oliva talked about Diego’s death: «I need to say goodbye to him.

Since March he had never had contact with him again. However, when Diego Maradona celebrated his 60th birthday on October 30, Rocío Oliva didn’t see it well. Diego’s last girlfriend was currently working as a panelist at Polémica at the Bar and every night she talked about the footballer’s health. Today, Diego’s death made his participation in the show almost exclusive and Oliva talked about his relationship, his feelings and how he learned about the fatal news. «I came because it’s my job and because of the affection I have for you and my companions. I had to be, because I knew I was being taken care of here and treated well, so I didn’t hesitate. If it wasn’t today, it was going to be tomorrow,» the panelist told Mariano Iúdica, after the driver assured me that he never imagined being dressed in black talking about such a loss. But Rocío said, «I’m having a hard time falling, I don’t actually fall.»

In the morning when the news emerged, Rocío was a guest on the show that leads Florence Peña, on telefe. She found out as well as she left Kuarzo’s studies. «When I left the show I grabbed the Russian (Raul Slonimsky) and said, «Look at the tweet that Rial put on (Jorge), he says Diego broke down. Why don’t you call someone?’ I started greeting people and started hearing rumors that I had passed away,» she said.

Roció recounted that when she got in her vehicle, she called her mom to ask her what had happened. «He said, ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself.’ I knew something was going on because everybody was calling me and I was wondering. But she wanted me to confirm, that she knew she was going to tell me the truth. So I stayed in the car for a while. The boys asked me if I could go back to my house driving. And Pampita said to me, ‘You’re shokeada and you’re going to have a hard time falling,'» she said. Then he explained, «I was driving and the cars would stop next to me and say, ‘Force.’ People knew what had happened,» he said. And then he confessed, «I feel very sad. Diego was a very important man in my life. I’m always going to remember it well. He was good to me, to my family. Humble, supportive, wanting to live… I have some beautiful memories in my heart.»
By that time she was already visibly shocked and in tears she said, «Diego loved me very much. He loved me very much. And that fills my soul.»

He followed the story with a choppy voice and admitted that she had always done her best for him. Even when I had to say no, like no other woman had told her. That’s why, although she said it wasn’t by her decision that she wasn’t by her side in the last few days, Rocío assured that she was going to Maradona’s wake. «I need to say goodbye to him,» he said. 

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