translated from Spanish: Senate president said 10% of government will be discussed tomorrow in the courtroom

Senate President Adriana Muñoz confirmed that tomorrow Thursday the draft withdrawal of a second 10% of planned funds submitted by the government will be discussed in court tomorrow. Thus, today the constitutional reform initiative originating from Congress was put on the table. Previously the mp had mentioned on T13 Radio, that «my opinion as President of the Senate has been to process each project on its merits. Today, whatever the outcome of the constitutional reform, we are also going to process the government’s project, no one has said that we are going to leave it out.» Muñoz said that the government’s project, which yesterday was approved by the United Labor and Finance Committees of the Upper House, is on the table, «not for today the two together, but by tomorrow», and insisted that «instantly you can’t, simultaneously you can’t put the projects in.» In Radio Cooperativa, meanwhile, Muñoz addressed congressional relations with La Moneda, and insisted on the idea that there is tension between the two powers of the state. «There is a growing attempt by the government, especially from President Piñera’s government, to further reduce Parliament’s meathing powers in a hyper-presidential political system,» she said.

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