translated from Spanish: Senate president to vote in favor of the 10% withdrawal from the government: «It’s almost the same as the project coming from the House»

Senate President Adriana Muñoz (PPD) said she will vote in favor of the Executive’s project that allows a second withdrawal of 10% of pension funds, but will also pass opposition-driven constitutional reform that was sent by the Government to the Constitutional Court (TC).
In an interview with CNN Chile, the senator explained that the Executive’s project «allows a second 10% withdrawal and, as approved today by the united commissions, is almost the same as the project proposing constitutional reform that comes from the Chamber of Deputies.»
He later stated that he also «I will vote in favour of the constitutional reform bill, unfortunately the government took it to the Constitutional Court (TC)».
Consulted on why the Government’s initiative was not discussed, considering that the other would be sent to the TC, Muñoz argued that «we have a duty to process projects since they enter (…) I am not in a position to paralyze the processing of the reform to put the government bill on table. Reform is processed, approved or rejected, but the country must face it.»
Regarding the relationship between Congress and La Moneda, the President of the Senate commented that «there is a very strong hostility of the Executive to the legislative branch and that has worried me throughout this year.»
The MP also criticized that there is «hyper-presidentialism» and that «we have a government that has been paralyzed politically and legislatively, so we have had to take care of what is happening in the country. It would be irresponsible of us as popular representatives to turn their backs on what is happening, even more so within the framework of a pandemic. We’ve had to take initiatives.»
Finally, he said he was against the parliamentarians who put forward the proposal to advance the presidential and parliamentary elections: «I do not agree to alter the rule of law, democracy, the rhythms that are democratically decided. President Sebastián Piñera, like it or not, was democratically elected and will have to finish his term.»

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