translated from Spanish: Send Mario Delgado condolences to José Mireles’ relatives

Mexico.- There is no doubt that these last few days have perished great personalities in the media world. It should be mentioned that just a few hours ago the death of Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona, a global shock, was announced. And now, not an hour ago it was unveiled that José Manuel Mireles Valverde, the «leader of self-defense in Mexico», has just perished after staying for several weeks convalescing by Covid-19. As a result, Mario Delgado sent his condolences. Just two days ago, from the account of the sub-delegation of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE) in Michoacán, it was regretted that he had died and at the same time took the opportunity to sincerely thank the shows of affection demonstrated on social media by public and civil actors in general.
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Dr. Mireles Valverde last Thursday, November 5, had been transferred to the intensive care unit after complications in his health from contracting SARS-CoV-2. Two days earlier, on Tuesday, November 3, the former spokesman for self-defenses in the state of Michoacán had been hospitalized at the Specialty Hospital of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers, in the municipality of Charo, Michoacán.

Unfortunately, what in past days transcended as false news, today came true, since it was reported that Mireles had died of complications arising from the Covid-19.In this context, the national president of Morena, Mario Delgado made use of his social networks to send his condolences to relatives and friends of the deceased, recognizing in his message the great work that in life the great fighter for self-defense in Mexico carried out.
«I deeply regret the passing of José Manuel Mireles Valverde, social leader and reference of the struggle of self-defense. My condolences to his loved ones,» Delgado wrote in a tweet, attaching to the side of the text a photograph with his respective caption. It was only a few hours since Mario Delgado had mourned the death of Diego Armando Maradona, writing «Goodbye to a legend in football. So long Diego!» next to a photo of the Rioplatense worldist. To these two unfortunate events, yesterday Delgado also offered condolences to the former secretary of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), Alfonso Durazo, who last Tuesday lost his father, Conrado Durazo, after suffering a heart attack and dying at the age of 99.

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