translated from Spanish: Commune launches application to do sports remotely or in person in squares, parks and clubs

Following the need to channel the sports demand of Vitacura’s neighbors, the Vitadeportes app seeks to support, encourage and disseminate physical and recreational activities. With it it is possible to make online registrations, both children and adults, to the workshops and courses that will be held in the parks, squares, zoom, among others. 
Among the most expected activities for children is online chess, rhythmic gymnastics, taekwondo, football and FIFA tournament. However, there are also face-to-face tennis, football and skating classes. 
Adults can also access various workshops. Among them are on the platform chess, yoga, kangatraining, dancefit and gymnastics for the elderly. In person, for their part, they can attend yoga classes, self-defense, guided trekking, functional workshop, among others.
The mayor of Vitacura, Raúl Torrealba stated that this year «the workshops were given openly to the neighbors, to support and accompany them in the process of confinement, and thus contribute to improve their quality of life in times of pandemic, without generating an additional cost. Our goal is for these groups to become active sports communities, consolidating spaces of healthy recreation in the commune.»
The registration of each workshop is with limited and continuous quotas. This means that automatic student attendances in the system are evaluated every month. If your participation is less than 50%, the continuity of the person in the course is called into question in order for new people to participate. 
With regard to the future of this initiative, Antonia Larraín, Director of Community Development emphasized that from March 2021 the workshops began to have a cost – less and accessible – in order to generate new initiatives and improve the quality of the activities and materials that are delivered.
The organization also receives concerns not only from neighbors, but also from companies, university and foundations throughout the city, but by giving priority to those belonging to the commune of Vitacura. 
For more information you can access their website or their Instagram @vitadeportes 

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