translated from Spanish: Covid-19 cases detected in Chivas vs America game attendees

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Although the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, said last night that the operation implemented during the opening of Guadalajara’s Akron stadium to attend the chivas vs America match was «perfect», DEBATE was reported today that positive cases of COVID-19 were detected among attendees.As already announced prior to the game, during the entrance to the sports venue and home of the Guadalajara Chivas team, rapid tests will be applied to detect cases of coronavirus, this would be a pilot test of the application of health protocols to be applied in the future in all stages of the state.
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At the entrance to the Akron stadium there were eight filters among which the temperature of the fans was taken, the contribution of the cover was verified and in addition modules were installed to carry out tests of 11 percent of the total fans who attended: 3 thousand 727, according to figures provided to DEBATE by spokesmen of the Government of Jalisco.

«There were a total of 3,727 attendees, a thousand 319 cars entered the chivas stadium last night, 11% of attendees were tested for Covid-19 (408 people); 2 positive cases were detected»

It says the shared report to this medium. The operatives started at four o’clock in the afternoon and access to the stadium began an hour later. A couple of incidents were also recorded during the access, as attendees did not respect the healthy distance.
«People agglomerated, but immediately dispersed them, it was part of what could be observed in this new provision»

The Zapopan authorities confessed, who were in charge of enforcing health measures during the pilot conducted during the first opening of the Akron Stadium, after 8 months of being closed due to the pandemic. The authorities also made it clear that, although the stadium was opened yesterday, this does not mean that in the next football games it remains open to the fans.
«What we saw yesterday was a rehearsal, it was a test, it does not mean that the egress of stadium fans is already authorized or programmed. A stadium for 45,000 people, who don’t get 4,000 attendees and see the deployment that had to be done to be with all the right health measures»

They emphasized the authorities of the municipality of Zapopan and the state of Jalisco.

A total of 1,238 agents from various corporations were deployed during the pilot test of the opening of Guadalajara’s Adkron Stadium. Photo: Zapopan Town Hall.

Yesterday’s party required the participation of 1,238 elements, including: 600 Private Security, 500 police officers from Zapopan General Public Security Police Station, 60 elements of the State Police, 60 elements of the Metropolitan Police, 10 officers from the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection and Firefighters and 8 inspectors from the Directorate of Inspection and Surveillance. , the authorities considered the opening of the stadiums unworkable due to the large number of agents that have to be used to monitor, guide and serve the population, warned that it is necessary to see the result that will have the other pilot test that is missing at the baseball stadium, during an upcoming game of the Team of the Charros de Jalisco.Next we leave the video with the statements that the governor of Jalisco gave last night , Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, on the result obtained during the pilot test of the opening of the Akron stadium located in the municipality of Zapopan, which makes up the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara.

Original source in Spanish

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